[A4] Radio Noise

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Sun Apr 24 23:30:25 EDT 2005

	do you have the premium audio package?

At 12:33 AM -0800 1/14/05, Ti Kan wrote:
>Rocky Mullin writes:
>>  ...
>>	i saw a picture in my first audi owner magazine spam that they
>>  sent me that showed one of their cars in some chamber full of antennae
>>  of incredible variety.  the article waxed teutonic about how swell they
>>  were at testing and steeling these cars against interference.  i guess
>>  the never tested to see if their own god damned brake lights would fuzz
>>  up the radio.  FM radio, CD, tape and GPS nav system all work flawlessly
>>  through the same audio system.  if i never listened to AM, i'd never
>>  know.  i like where you're going with the antenna theory.  i had no idea
>>  they put it in the glass.  i've not taken note of how the defroster
>>  adds into the mix.
>>  ...
>You have a problem somewhere that the dealer is unable to correct.
>That's not the normal "mode of operation" and therefore the argument
>about Audi's interference testing is rather moot.  My 2001 S4's radio
>works just fine, both AM and FM...  No noise induction from any of
>the car's own electricals that I could notice.
>Ti Kan
>Vorsprung durch Technik

  Rocky Mullin 


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