[A4] Vendor to AVOID - Discount ac parts

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Tue Aug 23 17:29:33 EDT 2005

Some of you know of my recent struggle with my a/c system and getting it ready for a cross-country road trip this Thursday morning.  Well that struggle has been in part BECAUSE of DISCOUNT AC PARTS.  Short story I was in a time crunch (my fault) and ordered some parts Thursday morning for overnight delivery - I was more than willing to pay extra for overnight.  They then called Thursday afternoon and said they couldn't get it out but could do Saturday delivery.  I said fine BUT the delivery address must be changed to my home address.  Well Saturday came and went.  They sent it to my office (vacant on weekends) so I did not receive the parts until Monday.  The entire weekend was lost.  Then Monday night I was installing the parts and only then discovered that one of the parts was wrong - the one I _really_ needed.  The only liability they will accept is to give me a refund for the $25 part on a $420 order.  So I got to pay $45 for overnight shipping that took in essence 4 days including a lost weekend - not to mention the time during the work day I've spent tracking down the part locally.  

It's not about the money. It IS about the aggravation they have caused me and their unwillingness to try and make it up somehow.  Too bad they cannot give me 3 crucial days back...

My advice - find a good local a/c shop and deal with them.  MaxAir in Denver really saved the day for me today.

-rant off-


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