[A4] New car considerations

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I'm in the same boat - have a '96 A4 with 150k.  I have two kids now and need a bit more room, but the trunk looks smaller.  I'm thinking about the avant, but need to convince my wife.  I'd be dropping two cylinders, but adding 28 hp, which might be more than an even trade.  I did some research and found that 17" tires are fairly reasonable now.  I think a lot of the 17" size on the 06 A4 costs the same as the 205-55/16's on my car.  
For those of you who have driven the 4 cyl turbo and the V6, how do they compare vibration-wise?  (low revs and high) 
How useful is the Avant storage (whatever that area is called?) versus the sedan?
Eric Schumacher
'86 4kcsq (deceased)
'96 A4 V6q
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Hi folks,
  It's time for me to put the current A4 on the market and look at a new
one. And, concerning that purchase, I'd be interested in your feedback on
two options I'm considering:

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