[A4] Clunk noise? Suspension Bushings??

Yee, Phil Phil.Yee at rainin.com
Wed Aug 31 19:54:16 EDT 2005

For a little while now, I get a clunk noise in the front end of my 01' A4
(~65k).  When I shift the weight to the front during braking, I hear a
deadened clunk.  I tried to check my suspension bushings - wheels up,
pull-push in/out/front/back the top/bottom of the tires - and everything
feels tight.  I had changed my brake pads and rotors about 3 months before
the sound started.  Wheels are torqued properly, so the brake rotors
(PowerSlot's) should not be shifting (right?).  Brake pads fit in nice,
nothing odd.  Am I checking the suspension bushings properly?  Any ideas?

00' 1.8TQ
01' 1.8TQAvant (wish this wasn't Tip)

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