[A4] Pop up Headlight Washers

Jim Coleman jacolemn at rochester.rr.com
Sun Dec 11 22:08:33 EST 2005

Hello A4 Folks

My Pop up headlight washers on a 2002 A4 seem to have forgotten how to pop
up when the windshield washers are activated with the headlights on.
Previously this was always caused by them being frozen and would cause the
15A fuse in the washer circuit to blow. Of course then the windshield washer
didn't work too. So the Audi fix was to replace the 15A fuse in the washer
circuit with a 20 A fuse. That cured the problem of the blown fuse and when
the Pop up headlight washers thawed out everything was OK.

Now we have a new problem with the Pop up washers. They aren't frozen. I
thought that they might just be stuck down as a result of minimal use. So I
carefully pried both sides up and fogged a little WD40 in for good measure.
They seem quite free now, but still don't pop up when asked. Of course the
car is out of warranty coverage so I am trying to see what can be done
before another expensive trip to the dealer.

Have any of you had a similar problem and could give me a pointer of where
to look next.

Thanks in advance,

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