[Bulk] [A4] Pop up Headlight Washers

Paul W. Henne MarylandGuy_42 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 12 03:41:42 EST 2005

If you are not seeing a puddle of washer fluid appear beneath the car 
there is a good chance it is the headlight washer pump.  This happened 
to me once, probably as a result of too many freeze/thaw cycles before I 
got some sub-zero washer fluid in there.  The pump motor had become 
disconnected from it's impeller (which is plastic, and had cracked 
off).  I don't remember how much the motor was (not hellaciously 
expensive as I recall), but I do recall it was a pain in the @$$ to replace.


Jim Coleman wrote:

>Hello A4 Folks
>My Pop up headlight washers on a 2002 A4 seem to have forgotten how to pop
>up when the windshield washers are activated with the headlights on.
>Previously this was always caused by them being frozen and would cause the
>15A fuse in the washer circuit to blow. Of course then the windshield washer
>didn't work too. So the Audi fix was to replace the 15A fuse in the washer
>circuit with a 20 A fuse. That cured the problem of the blown fuse and when
>the Pop up headlight washers thawed out everything was OK.
>Now we have a new problem with the Pop up washers. They aren't frozen. I
>thought that they might just be stuck down as a result of minimal use. So I
>carefully pried both sides up and fogged a little WD40 in for good measure.
>They seem quite free now, but still don't pop up when asked. Of course the
>car is out of warranty coverage so I am trying to see what can be done
>before another expensive trip to the dealer.
>Have any of you had a similar problem and could give me a pointer of where
>to look next.
>Thanks in advance,
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