[A4] FS: snow tires/wheels

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Tue Dec 13 20:34:25 EST 2005

	so i got a sweet set of nokian RSi tires to replace my hakka Q
models.  the Qs are on original URQ ronals, but i wanted something more
updated for my 2000 A4 avant (sport package).

	so i got some sweet ronal-looking rims from tire rack, $90 bucks
apiece.  i love the blade/spoke look of those ur-ronals, these are very
similar but in a 16".  i had new nokian hakka RSi mounted up.  then i
went and updated my CAR with a loaded 2006 A4 avant.  though there are
some 16" wheels that fit the 2006 A4, they are few and far between.  my
nice new wheels and snow tires won't clear the brakes!!

	my loss, your gain.

	i paid over $850 for the whole set when all was said and done.
they are mounted, balanced, but have never been used.  they'll fit the
2000-era A4 no problem (is that "B5?") and likely the next one, but not
the newest one.  some of you experts can tell me if they'll fit the older
cars.  i'll have pictures and specs tonight for those interested, so drop
me a line, and make me an offer.  obviously, i know i'm going to take a
hit on price.

	the ronals with the hakka Qs on them are for sale as well.  these
will be WAY less, because the tires are worn about 50% and a couple of
the wheels (one in particular) are well scratched up.  great for winter on
your URQ though.  color on them is a washed out gray, not gold.

  Rocky Mullin


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