[A4] wheels FS: pictures

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Wed Dec 14 05:25:42 EST 2005

	OK, here are pictures.  i actually have THREE sets.

	205 55 16 - new RSi, new rims.  unused.  not shown in the pix
are the center caps and shiny lugnuts.

	the second set is Qs on URQ ronals.  these have wear, one of
them has a lot of wear from a high-speed curb scrape.  i was astonished
that the car wasn't damaged.  just the rim got it.  since that incident
i've put a good ten thousand miles on the rims without incident.  lots
of tread left.

	there is a third set.  hakka 1 with studs on narrow steel rims,
15".  lots of tread left, but perhaps half of the studs are gone from
freeway driving on dry roads.  they have basic plastic hubcaps with
audi logos in the middle.

	pictures:  http://www.sharon.net/wheels/

	i am located in san francisco.  shipping isn't as bad as one
might think it is.

  Rocky Mullin


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