[A4] i'm buying a new A4

Brian White brian at bjwhite.net
Thu Dec 15 15:28:14 EST 2005

Poor gas mileage?  What do you expect from a V6 connected to a terrible automatic slushbox.  ugh.  

We have a 2000 1.8T Avant 5-speed sport package.  Car has been bulletproof.   Had the timing belt 
done at 70k.   Replaced the rotors and pads at 80k.   We had it since 48k.   Dealer serviced since 
new...except during the time I've owned it.   Previous owner even took it to the dealer for brand 
new tires.  Crazy.   It does need a full suspension rebuild (or just a very bad tie rod end.)  At 
$400-500 for the entire thing, that's not that big of a deal....

It's also driven somewhat hard by me...probably a little tamer by my wife who is the primary 
driver, but still.

We've outgrown it though...second baby comes in April.  So we just picked up a CPO 2001 Allroad 6-
speed manual.   54k miles and under CPO warranty until 04/2007.   The A4 should be sold to a friend 
of mine once he sells his Golf.

I also just sold my 97 R package Miata....so I'm down to three cars after the A4 is gone...

1998 BMW 540i 6-speed   silver on black w/sport seats, e-code M5 Xenons, M5 taillights, M3 shifter, 
M Technic steering wheel.

2001 Audi allroad 6-speed   Atlas grey on black, Xenons, Bose, Homelink, f&r heated seats, 3rd row 

1990 Mazda Miata - red on black, SCCA Spec Miata race car.  Full Sparco goodies, professionally 
built.  Currently with a nice fist size hole in the side of the engine block.  snif snif.

I may pick up something old and Italian in the summer.  Fiat, Alfa...something or the other.

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> Aaron,
> As they say "Results not typical."  Our '99.5 Avant - 2.8 quattro automatic 
> with sport package just turned 101k miles.  We have owned it since 
> 50k.  Got the t-belt job at 60k due to leaking cam seals.  It had the tie 
> rod ends replaced under recall before we bought it.  Yet, we just had those 
> replaced as they were TOAST.  New control arms up front, new bilstein 
> shocks.  ABS computer has given up the ghost.  Yeah, terrible gas mileage.
> You're lucky to get such amazingly good life out of your car since you 
> admit you drive it hard.  I WISH we had such good luck.
> We've owned Audis -- alot of Audis -- since 1989.  My '90 cq has 240k+ 
> miles and I'd like to replace it.  The only Audi in the running is a ur-S6 
> avant.  The other cars are Infiniti G35 or FX35, Subaru GT limited wagon or 
> sedan spec. B, and Mazdaspeed 6.  There's a disturbing pattern here.  All 
> the $30k+ (new) cars on this list are not German!

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