[A4] i'm buying a new A4

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Thu Dec 15 16:18:10 EST 2005

At 1:00 PM -0800 12/15/05, Brian White wrote:
>My problem with Subaru?  No window surrounds on the doors.   I can't 
>stand that.  grr..
>Otherwise, I think they're decent cars.   Noisy and cheapo inside 
>though at least compared with our
>Audis.  In fairness though, I think the new ones are much, much better.

	i agree!  well, the new legacy platform cars.  the imprezas are
still cheapo and noisy.  i drove a WRX and an STI and my chipped A4 with
sport package outhandled both of them markedly.  of course the STI had
more oomph on the freeway, but the noise and lack of versatility for
packing would have driven me apeshit.

	the XT was nice.  the nav system is better than the new audi
stuff, if only for the touch screen.

  Rocky Mullin 


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