[A4] Hand Brake

Ken Witherell withrl at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 17 13:02:31 EST 2005

I have a 2002 A4, getting ready to pass 107K and
running fine.  My problem is with lower winter
temperatures the hand brake is seizing up.  When the
temperature drops below 30F, the hand brake will
release, but the brake remains engaged.  You can feel
the loose play on the hand brake itself.  The brakes
only disengage after the temp. rises.  I had the
dealership look at it last winter after a copule of
occurances (NC winter) and they messed around with the
brakes and did not have a further problem.  They did
state it could be water in the hand brake line and it
was very involved (meaning $) to replace.  Now I have
relocated west (CO winter).  The problem is back now. 
Any hints other than water in the line?

Thanks,  Ken

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