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Sat Dec 17 13:41:26 EST 2005

There are little rubber boots on the end of the hand brake lines on the calipers.  Yours are probably cracked/broken, thus allowing water in there, which freezes in the cold weather.

Unless you want to replace the e-brake cables, I'd advise you to not use the e-brake at all during the winter.  Just park the car in gear.

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From: Ken Witherell <withrl at yahoo.com>
> I have a 2002 A4, getting ready to pass 107K and
> running fine.  My problem is with lower winter
> temperatures the hand brake is seizing up.  When the
> temperature drops below 30F, the hand brake will
> release, but the brake remains engaged.  You can feel
> the loose play on the hand brake itself.  The brakes
> only disengage after the temp. rises.  I had the
> dealership look at it last winter after a copule of
> occurances (NC winter) and they messed around with the
> brakes and did not have a further problem.  They did
> state it could be water in the hand brake line and it
> was very involved (meaning $) to replace.  Now I have
> relocated west (CO winter).  The problem is back now. 
> Any hints other than water in the line?
> Thanks,  Ken
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