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Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Wed Dec 21 02:48:41 EST 2005

	interesting perspective.  i found it fine test driving, but i was
used to five years in a 5-speed A4, so maybe i have a knack.  one thing i
am amazed at though is how completely different the clutch is on my 2006
A4 versus the 2000 model.  like a totally different car.

At 10:56 PM -0800 12/20/05, John Karasaki wrote:
>This is second hand from my mechanic.  He told me that the automatic 
>Allroad was fine, but the 6-speed Allroad was difficult to drive 
>smoothly.  He drives alot of Porsche and Audi product, from cheap to 
>exotic daily, so I respect his opinion.
>How is it, Brian?
>At 05:55 PM 12/20/2005 -0800, Rocky Mullin wrote:
>>         i'd have really liked an allroad.  i love them and need to tow
>>things.  but the A4 was too good a deal to pass up.  also, the 2006 A4
>>is a bit bigger than the 2000, but not like an allroad is.
>>         i seriously lament the demise of the allroad, and desperately hope
>>they create a new one instead of throwing all those eggs into their ugly
>>and asinine SUV.
>>At 11:11 AM -0800 12/20/05, Brian White wrote:
>>>I was thinking the same.   That 4Motion was only available with 
>>>the V6 in automatic form, and with
>>>the W8 in 6-speed manual or automatic.
>>>I was in your same boat just this month.  We are outgrowing our 
>>>2000 A4 Avant 1.8T.  I considered a
>>>6-speed manual W8 Passat 4Motion...but in the end, I just like the 
>>>Audi feel better.
>>>So I am picking up our 2001 Audi allroad 2.7T 6-speed manual 
>>>tonight and driving it back to
>>>Seattle. (From the Bay Area.)
>>>It's longer than our A4, but isn't too big otherwise.
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>>>>  2004-2005 Passat 1.8T 4Motion Wagon for her.
>>>>  I didn't realize the 1.8T could be paired with 4-Motion in the 
>>>>US on the Passat?  Is this
>>>>  true? I was under the impression that it was only available with the V-6.
>>>>  (showing how much I haven't been paying attention)
>>>>  Thanks,
>>>>  Jay
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