[A4] Replace Alarm System

Brian White brian at bjwhite.net
Sat Dec 31 18:22:38 EST 2005

If you have a 1996 A6, chances are you have the IR remote keyless entry system.  It's fine, 6 feet 
is much better than sticking your key in the door locks.  People just have expectation issues.

Later models, like the 2000 mentioned below, got the RF signal version.  As everyone here should 
know, radio waves (RF) travel much further than infrared line of sight systems (IR).

Do you really need to unlock and lock your car from 50 meters away?   Audi converted to the RF 
system in 1998.

My 1989 (yes, 1989) Peugeot 405 Mi16 had IR keyless entry as well.   Worked fine from a couple 

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> weird!  my 2000 has always had WAY more than 6' range.  i pretty
> much get 50', actually, if not more.
> 	one thing the dealer told me when i bought the car, years ago.
> the little sensor that picks up the signal is on the dashboard, you can
> actually see it.  it helps to know it's there and point the fob at it.
> 	the 2006 one works better than the 2000 one, for sure.
> At 7:44 AM -0800 12/31/05, Brian O'Connell wrote:
> >Boy, am I glad to hear that someone else is annoyed at
> >the six foot radius for the Audi alarm remote.   I
> >first thought is was a weak battery in the remote, but
> >even a fresh one didn't give me any more distance.
> >This compares to the 50 yard distance from my
> >4Runner's key fob.
> >
> >Ridiculous....
> >
> >-B
> >
> >--- Calvyn <Calvyn at stny.rr.com> wrote:
> >
> >>  Hi Everyone,
> >>
> >>	Anyone ever try replacing their stock alarm system
> >>  with a newer
> >>  system? I've gone through my 3rd key FOB in the 4
> >>  years I've owned my Audi
> >>  and I'd really like to get a new system that has
> >>  better reception then the 5
> >>  foot limit I currently have. Any input appreciated!

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