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> Greg,
> I live in the cascade mountains of WA. My wife drives a 98 A4 avant 
> without abs, the controller went out last yr. and for 1200 bucks just was 
> not worth the fix in her mind, maybe Audi will recall the part. She never 
> used the abs because for one thing we believe in summer tires and winter 
> tires, two sets of rims. She has been driving the studless snow tire which 
> has heavy sipping, works fantastic for 99% of the driving conditions. Two 
> weeks ago we had a ice storm that layed down almost two inches of ice, 
> polished too. That morning I could not walk my driveway without crampons 
> on. Once the ice started melting by afternoon, the car handled fine over 
> the ice, the tires work great with a thin layer of water on the ice, the 
> sipping grips like glue.
> After spending my entire life in the mountains of the cascades and 
> Colorado and doing the most of my driving in the winter months, I am a 
> strong supporter of studless tires. Studs work great in that 1% conditions 
> but the rest they are noisy, can cause slipping on the pavement and they 
> tear up the road surface.
> Bridgestone makes a great tire, the blizztek, Dunlop makes the grandtrek, 
> I run this tire on my Chev. truck and Cooper makes the weathermaster, this 
> is what my wife drives on the Audi and I also run it on my 911S when I 
> take it out for a winter exercise.
> Hope this helps.
> Tom
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> Brandon,
> I'm not looking to start a tire thread but, what tires are you using for 
> the winter in Denver?
> Greg Myers     Paradise, Pa.
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> I agree- sounds like the tires.  Stopping performance in snow/ice requires
> good tires.  quattro will keep you from getting stuck and give you more
> control - but tires bring you to a stop.  I highly recommend a good set of
> snows and a good set of summer tires - you /your wife will enjoy more of 
> the
> car's potential this way - rather than sticking with some all-season tires
> that, IMO, are really deficient in _all_seasons_.
> Brandon
> Denver
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