[A4] Headlight Washer system

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Feb 24 11:43:38 EST 2005

If the headlight washer pump is good, and you tested it from the relay - the 
only other thing I can think of would be the switch on the stalk, or the 
wiring from stalk to relay.  When you jumpered the pump - did the wshers pop 
up and spray the headlights?  And yes the headlights must be on for them to 
work.  I guess one more thing that could maybepossiblydoubtfully be the 
cause would be if the pop-up mechanism is jammed at the bumper??   I've had 
a pump go bad once but other than that no problems....

good luck-

'98 A4

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> Has anyone had any problems with the headlight washer system?  Mine quit
> working a while ago and I just noticed it.  The pump is good.  I pulled 
> the
> cover off the double relay that controls the windshield/headlight pumps 
> and
> manually closed the headlight washer relay and the pump worked.  The
> windshield washer/intermitent delay works fine but no luck with the
> headlight portion even with the headlights on.
> Thanks
> Richard
> 98 a4 1.8tq
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