[A4] front control arms

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Jan 5 11:36:14 EST 2005

I ordered the kit (inc HD tie rod ends) up also around Thanksgiving and
installed.  I then took the car to my loal dealer because they do the best
alignments on quattros. i've found.  They guy who does them there knows how
todo it right.  Anyway when I went ot pick up the car he siad the new tie
rod end did not have as much adjustment for toe during suspension travel as
the factory part.  I really didn't understand what he was talking about but
something along the lines of controlling tow durign bump steer and
stuff....???  I was kinda pissed and meant to call ECS to see what was up
but have since let it go.  What I seem to notice is that when I accelerate
out of a corner the steering wheel is less inclined to unwind - it almost
wants to stay turned.  Weird.  This one handling trait makes me tend to
believe the dealer alignment guy when he says that there is some sort of
adjustment factor missing from the ECS kit.

maybe these two data points are related.....

But I don't know....

'98 A4
'84 urq 20V

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help.... last month I ordered a front control arm set from ECS tuning and no
sooner than I got the parts I got the recall in the mail. Last week I had my
local mechanic install the parts, no problem until the front end alignment.
Now the car pulls to the left and he couldn't get it to go straight. So,
took it to another shop to align, they can't seem to find the problem and
this guy told me to take it to the Audi dealer. Does anybody have any

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