[A4] heated seats burns my but

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Sun Jan 9 19:40:10 EST 2005

Thanks for the info, however I found some links on the audiworld forums 
and it'a a bigger problem, the seat gets hot in only one place and that 
means that the heating pad is busted.

I guess every manufacturer is cutting corners, and even AUDI is not the 
same as it use to be.  Beside the A4 I also have a 1993 90 CSQ (with 
190k km) and knock on wood , but beside regular maintenance it's been 
very good, and my dad has an 86 Cupe GT, and the heated seat's still work !


Brizax at aol.com wrote:

> if your somewhat handy, try plug'n in the switch from the passenger 
> side to your side and see if its still to hot, id bet $20 you might 
> need a new switch  sounds like its going straight to 6 OUCH HOT! :)
>     Hello everyone, I have a 2001 A4 and the driver seat on a setting
>     o,is too hot to sit on.
>     Did anyone else experience a similar problem ?
>     If so is there an easy fix for this or is it a dealer fix only?
>     PS: I have over 100 klicks on it so the regular warranty is over any
>     chance this might be covered any how ?
>     thanks
>     Peter

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