[A4] heated seats burns my but

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Sun Jan 9 21:02:42 EST 2005


I really get sick of the holier than thou attitude of some German car 
owners.  Lots of things can break heated seats.   Putting a knee on it 
while cleaning etc is the most common thing.  Else something else pinched 
the wires.

So there ya go.  Your heated seats are damaged.  Has nothing to do with 
some great quality conspiracy or cutting corners.

To have you know, my 1989 Peugeot heated seats only worked after I fixed 
them....that's about as old as your dad's 86 Coupe.   Some work, some don't.

At 16:40 2005-01-09, sub wrote:
>Thanks for the info, however I found some links on the audiworld forums 
>and it'a a bigger problem, the seat gets hot in only one place and that 
>means that the heating pad is busted.
>I guess every manufacturer is cutting corners, and even AUDI is not the 
>same as it use to be.  Beside the A4 I also have a 1993 90 CSQ (with 190k 
>km) and knock on wood , but beside regular maintenance it's been very 
>good, and my dad has an 86 Cupe GT, and the heated seat's still work !
>Brizax at aol.com wrote:
>>if your somewhat handy, try plug'n in the switch from the passenger side 
>>to your side and see if its still to hot, id bet $20 you might need a new 
>>switch  sounds like its going straight to 6 OUCH HOT! :)
>>     Hello everyone, I have a 2001 A4 and the driver seat on a setting
>>     o,is too hot to sit on.
>>     Did anyone else experience a similar problem ?
>>     If so is there an easy fix for this or is it a dealer fix only?
>>     PS: I have over 100 klicks on it so the regular warranty is over any
>>     chance this might be covered any how ?
>>     thanks
>>     Peter
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