[A4] VAG-COM Purchase

Stock, Nicholas nicholas_stock at merck.com
Mon Jan 10 11:56:32 EST 2005

I bought the pro-diag from Shadetree and am pretty happy with it. Very easy
to use and has already paid for itself with regards to clearing faults etc.


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Richard - you may also want to check out Pro Diag if you have a Palm Pilot.
Steve Eiche is one of the owners of Shadetree - a huge Audi enthusiast and
long time Audifans Lister - anyway just thought I'd put that out there.



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> Hey guys,
> I got some Christmas money to spend on my A4 and am thinking about a
> VAG-COM.  I have had the Check Engine light on for about a year now
> (unstable O2 sensor) and when I took it in for some routine service
> the dealer said that I had 6 pages of faults.  That doesnt alarm me
> too much as just about anything and everything causes a fault and I
> don't think they automatically clear out.  So, something like
> forgetting to put the gas cap back on after filling up <grin> can put
> a couple of codes in there.
> Anyway, I would like to be able to diagnose these issues myself
> without having to pay the dealer.  I figure that if it costs me $70
> every time the dealer opens my hood, a VAG-COM will pay for itself in
> 4-5 visits.  Does anyone have any experience with the new VC stuff?  I
> am looking at getting the USB one with the integrated dongle for $249.
>  Is it worth the extra money to get the Pro version?  Has anyone
> experimented with building your own cable and then just registering
> the software for $99?
> Thanx!
>   Richard
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