[A4] Intro and ABS brakes question

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I agree- sounds like the tires.  Stopping performance in snow/ice requires
good tires.  quattro will keep you from getting stuck and give you more
control - but tires bring you to a stop.  I highly recommend a good set of
snows and a good set of summer tires - you /your wife will enjoy more of the
car's potential this way - rather than sticking with some all-season tires
that, IMO, are really deficient in _all_seasons_.


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Hello Fans,

My wife and I own (it's her wheels) a 2001 A-4. It's our first Audi and
actually our first German made auto. It was purchased in the spring of
2004 and so this is the first winter driving season for us. We are
enjoying the handling and comfort of this car very much.

Here's the question.

How sensitive are the ABS brakes supposed to be? This car will not stop
on snowy roads! The ABS activates with only the slightest pedal pressure
and the car just keeps on going with very little braking action.

Our dealer has agreed to look into our complaint but seemed to want to
put the blame on the tires. They are Pirelli 6000 with 5/32" tread

I asked if the ABS could be disabled for snow use and he replied that it
could not be.

Any one else have a similar experience with their A4?

Greg Myers     Paradise, Pa.
2001 A-4
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