[A4] Intro and ABS brakes question

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Mon Jan 31 12:12:31 EST 2005

well....since you asked here goes...

On my A4q I have, new this season, Nokian WR tires.  I think technically
they are not considered a snow tire but they are excellent in the snow.
Despite Colorado's reputation, we ( in DENVER) actually have very few days
(less than 15 probably) when our streets are covered with snow.  So dry
handling with high snow capability was my priority - Nokian WR is perfect.
My old snows were  Yokohama Guardex 600 -excellent in the snow (a full
fledged snow tire rating), a little better than the Nokian, however they
were real squirmy in the dry.  Too squirmy for me considering all the dry
weather we have.  On my '84 urquattro I have Michelin Pilot Alpin snows -
same concept as the Nokian WR - however the Michelin's suck in comparison.
They _are_ better than the summer tires in the snow, at least...and last, on
my wifes BMW 325i I bought some studded tires, brand unknown (we weren't
married yet give me a break) and they are so-so.  Decent enough on ice due
to studs but could be better in snow...

I hear rave reviews from friends about Dunlop Graspics, too.  Blizzaks are
supposed to be great in the snow for the first half of the tread depth,
according to friends I've done the Steamboat Winter Driving School with
(with Quattro Club and Gruppe Q).  You have to determine the driving
conditions.  If you have lots of snow it may be worth a full on snow tire.
If you have lots of dry and enough snow days to think about it - a tire like
the Nokian WR is great.  In summer I put Dunlop SP 8000's on - to me it's
worth having two sets of tires so I'm ready for the conditions and my car
always performs well.  Very little added cost in the long run to have two
sets of tires - remember when you're running snows the summers aren't
wearing - essentially doubling the lifetime of each set....only added cost
is mounting/balancing twice a year (~$40 each) or a second set of rims if
you want to swap wheels...



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I'm not looking to start a tire thread but, what tires are you using for the
winter in Denver?

Greg Myers     Paradise, Pa.

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I agree- sounds like the tires.  Stopping performance in snow/ice requires
good tires.  quattro will keep you from getting stuck and give you more
control - but tires bring you to a stop.  I highly recommend a good set of
snows and a good set of summer tires - you /your wife will enjoy more of the
car's potential this way - rather than sticking with some all-season tires
that, IMO, are really deficient in _all_seasons_.


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