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Mitchell Segal MSegal at nsbgroup.com
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Thanks, but from what I have gotten from another reader, this doesn't apply
to my car, as it only applies to non-DBW engines.  The 2001 A4 is DBW, so
there is no single ICM module.  It's integrated into each ignition coil,
which have already been changed under the recall.  

I'm going to check the codes I pulled tonight and will see what that turns


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Here's my experience from just a couple weeks ago:

For the past several months while idling at a stop light the car seemed to 
miss occasionally - but never experienced drivability issues.  Until one day

I started the car up after lunch and it was real rough.  Restarted the car -

no change.  Decided to limp it to the office - engine was rough and 
shuddered under any boost - really only seemed OK at about 3000-4000rpm in 
second.  Anyway I pulled the plugs that night - one was clearly darker than 
the rest - it wasn't firing.  I had a known good and installed - no change. 
So at this point I think you need a PRO-DIAG or VAG COM - I pulled codes and

got Misfire Cyl # 2 (apparently #2 is the common ICM failure, I think) - so 
I cleared codes and swapped the coilpacks and restarted the motor and let it

run for a while - and revved it a few times.  Re-pulled codes - still Cyl 
#2.  Clearly not a coil pack issue (otherwise the misfire would have moved 
with the transfer of the coil pack).  Bingo ICM.  I got an aftermarket Huco 
part  - retail price was about $250 at a local import parts place - maybe 
try Rod at www.thepartsconnection.com for best price. ( I hear the dealer 
wants $400 for Bosch - but I didn't verify).  And don't forget to apply some

new Silicon or dielectric paste under the new part.  Does you car have one -

I bet it does.  On my '98 it's right under the cover over the airbox - two 
plug little piece.  I don't know how you could diagnose this without some 
diagnostic tool such as Pro-Diag or vagcom.  It sounds like you may have one

of these, luckily.  BTW Pro-Diag tells you what the fault is - no looking up



'98 A4
'84 urquattro 20V

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