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Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Wed Jul 6 23:45:28 EDT 2005

	the answer IMO is not to hit the rocks, either by avoiding them,
driving much slower, or getting a vehicle (one that you can afford) with
higher ground clearance.

	attaching metal to the plastic just means that your forcing the
impact through the metal and concentrating them on other points, such as
the places the pan mounts to the car itself.  ultimately the weight of
the car is going to cause the rock to damage whatever protection you use.

	seriously, since IIRC it's just a couple of locations, why not
just rent a jackhammer and spend a little time breaking up the offending
rock.  or ask your city/county to do it.  i don't think you can beef up
an A4 to handle repeated impacts like that.

At 6:28 PM -0700 7/6/05, Nicholas Stock wrote:
>Yep, a nice allroad with that variable height suspension should do the
>trick.....slightly more expensive than a new plastic underbelly
>Have you though about buying a new OEM pan and drilling holes for the
>attachment of a metal plate over the offending spot to reinforce it?
>Just an idea, and shouldn't be too tricky...
>On 7/6/05, Audi4orce at aol.com <Audi4orce at aol.com> wrote:
>>  In a message dated 7/6/05 9:30:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
>>4pkirby at gmail.com
>>  writes:
>>  << Does anyone know of a source for an under-engine sump guard for the A4
>>   -- B5 chassis?  My fairly-new-to-me 2001 A4 is really too low for the
>>   country roads around here and I am making contact far more frequently
>>   than I want to.
>>   I have contacted dieselgeek.com who have discontinued their A4 pan.  I
>>   have also contacted Audi/VW about their stronger belly pan but it is
>>   also made of plastic and would not take the impact.
>>   Thanks.
>>   Peter >>
>>  Time to step up to a pre-owned Allroad,
>>  Tossing in my 2 cents
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