[A4] AWE-tuning clutch kit?

Adam Morley adam-a4 at gmi.com
Sun Jul 10 12:48:59 EDT 2005


I recently had an AWE-Tuning stage 1 clutch kit installed in my 99 a4.
This kit included a new lightweight flywheel, and a clutch disc/pressure
plate rated at 300hp/300lbft.

Once the kit was installed, the clutch feel is quite good.  BUT, anytime
I floor my car, the clutch slips (3000-5000 rpm, when the turbo is
active)!  It seems that it happens once the turbo has spun up.  It's quite 
strange --- the car surges almost like an auto changing gears!

This is obviously quite bad.  Any BTDT?  What should I check?  I was
going to go back to the folks who installed it (the local independant
audi mechanics, who are bosch certified, and are well known to know what
they are doing) and have them check it out.  I have a bad feeling about
AWE right now, since they forgot the flywheel bolts when they shipped
the kit. . .



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