[A4] Purchase a second A4 quattro

Doug Johnson ur-quattro at msn.com
Tue Jul 12 11:15:34 EDT 2005

Fellow A4 fans,

I've located a 98 A4q with the V6 and Tektronixc tranny that I'm interested 

But first, I need you thoughts, if you don't mind helping me out.  (I'm an 
old inline-5 guy, so this possible purchase is complicated territory 
indeed!) <chuckles>

1.) Were the control arms replaced on a recall?  If so, and if they have not 
been replaced, is that recall still in effect?

2.) does the Tip make the car a real dog as far as acceleration's concerned?

3.) The ECU in my '90 and '91 coupe quattros allows them to run on regular 
grade fuel by simply retarding the spark to eliminate detonation, but the 
suggested fuel for the V6 is premium.  With ever-rising gas prices, I'm 
curious if this car will perform acceptably on regular grade gasoline.  
(Note: I'm no speed-demon on the public roadways.)

Please feel free to address other issues with this car that I haven't 

Thanks for your help!


~ Doug

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