[A4] Purchase a second A4 quattro

Richard Hurt rnhurt at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 13:23:07 EDT 2005

I have noticed that my 98.5 A4 6cyl will run just fine on both the middle 
grade and the higher grade. However, I get better gas mileage with the 
premium fuel - enough that it outweighs the increase purchase price. YMMV.


P.S. It might run a *smidgen* better on premium, but I have no quantitative 
evidence and it's probably just in my head. :)

On 7/12/05, Rocky Mullin <caliban at sharon.net> wrote:
> At 10:15 AM -0500 7/12/05, Doug Johnson wrote:
> >Fellow A4 fans,
> >
> >I've located a 98 A4q with the V6 and Tektronixc tranny that I'm
> >interested in.
> >
> >But first, I need you thoughts, if you don't mind helping me out.
> >(I'm an old inline-5 guy, so this possible purchase is complicated
> >territory indeed!) <chuckles>
> i love 'em. i had an URQ.
> >2.) does the Tip make the car a real dog as far as acceleration's 
> concerned?
> IMO, yes. especially the 1.8t. power seats do similar.
> >3.) The ECU in my '90 and '91 coupe quattros allows them to run on
> >regular grade fuel by simply retarding the spark to eliminate
> >detonation, but the suggested fuel for the V6 is premium. With
> >ever-rising gas prices, I'm curious if this car will perform
> >acceptably on regular grade gasoline. (Note: I'm no speed-demon on
> >the public roadways.)
> i'd love to know the answer to this! personally, i'm going to dump
> my beloved A4 once good diesels arrive on the market.
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