[A4] Uphill troubles

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Thu Jul 14 23:12:18 EDT 2005

	OK, sounds like i wasted my money :/

At 7:43 PM -0700 7/14/05, Nicholas Stock wrote:
>Rocky, I had a clutch on my A4 replaced under warranty and the 
>before and after had exactly the same bite point, quite a way up, 
>probably around the last 1/3 of the upwards travel of the pedal..
>On 7/14/05, Rocky Mullin 
><<mailto:caliban at sharon.net>caliban at sharon.net> wrote:
>        on the topic, a question for all you clutched people -
>        where in the clutches throw does your engine start to
>engage?  mine did it at the last third of the throw.  that seemed
>to me to be a sign of a worn clutch, so when i wrecked the car
>i had them replace a clutch since labor would be a pitance as
>the engine was already in bits.  the new clutch feels identical.
>        either:
>        1: they only said they did the clutch and charged for the part
>        2: i'm an idiot and didn't consult other A4 cars to see how
>           their clutches felt.
>        $1500.
>At 7:20 PM -0400 7/14/05, <mailto:Pbadore at aol.com>Pbadore at aol.com wrote:
>>Yes, the clutch is slipping under load. Eventually, you will be able engage
>>the clutch
>>without the car moving or moving very little.
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