[A4] Front skid/splash plate

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Tue Jul 26 00:05:05 EDT 2005

At 7:56 PM -0400 7/25/05, Peter Kirby wrote:
>I was the original poster.  The thinking seems to be that the stronger
>OEM under-engine cover would not be strong enough to take impacts from
>anything solid.  I don't have the part number handy but if you go to
>dieselgeek.com and look around you'll find it on their web site.

	mine has weathered impact from solid objects well, mostly ice
boulders and bottoming out.  it wouldn't last long for your road though,
where boulders mostly underground protrude from the road.  for that, the
only solution is ground clearance.

>I have learnt to drive more cautiously, searching for potential
>outcrops that will snag the bottom of my car.  Not a great solution
>since I know I'll hit a "got'cha" sooner or later.  The All-road
>option is out of the que$tion.  Many of the tertiary roads around our
>cottage have several spots that I have to be careful with.  So far so

	atta boy!  :)

  Rocky Mullin 


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