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Stephen Lau steve at grommit.com
Fri Jul 29 16:10:07 EDT 2005

I have an 01 A4 with the CD changer option in the trunk.  I got the CD 
changer->RCA converter, and ran a cable (and headphone adapter) back up 
front to my armrest/centre-console.  This way I can plug in my portable 
DVD player, my laptop, my Rio mp3 player, or my g/f's iPod and it all 
comes through on the factory setup.

There are a few companies that make the converter... here's one example:


Brian O'Connell wrote:

>Forgot to add that I have the upgraded stereo
>(Concert?) w/changer on a 98.5 A4 2.8Q.
>--- Rocky Mullin <caliban at sharon.net> wrote:
>>	i don't have a CD changer option in my A4, but i do
>>have the
>>premium sound option.
>>	is there any way to add a device to the car audio
>>say, an XM potable radio, or iPod.  ideally via RCA
>>plugs, but i can 
>>make adapters.
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