Subject: [A4] radio question

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Fri Jul 29 18:11:12 EDT 2005

A few years back, I bought a harness online for RCA inputs.  It was a little
blackbox that plugged into my CD changer cable (I had no CD changer, but the
oem harness was there, 2001).  From there, I have a signal line routed under
carpet up to my dash area to connect to the headphone jack of my ipod.  I
hit the "CD Changer" button on my head unit to activate that input line.
When in use, it displays "CD1 TRK99" (or something like that) and never
changes.  I've been using it ever since without a problem.  There are many
newer aftermarket harness/input/adaptors that give you more display info and
more control thru your head unit now.  If you are interested, I can look up
where I ordered my unit from (~$75).


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From: Rocky Mullin <caliban at>
Subject: [A4] radio question
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	i don't have a CD changer option in my A4, but i do have the
premium sound option.

	is there any way to add a device to the car audio system? 
say, an XM potable radio, or iPod.  ideally via RCA plugs, but i can 
make adapters.

  Rocky Mullin

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