[A4] iPod Interface

Richard Hurt rnhurt at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 23:17:40 EDT 2005

All this talk of iPod interfaces has gotten me thinking about modding my A4. 
I received a free iPod Mini as part of a promotion (buy a Mac, get a free 
iPod) and I am hooked on it like crack-cocaine! Seriously, do *not* get one 
unless you want to drive really slowly to work just so you can listen to 
more music! :)

Anyway, I am looking for the best way to mount one on the dash. I have seen 
the kind that take over the control of your iPod and give you a lame "CD 
Changer" like interface. But that takes away most of the functionality of 
the iPod; it's best features are shuffle mode, tune rating, lots of 
playlists, etc. What I would like is something that charges my iPod and 
pumps the music directly through the head unit (no FM transmitters or 
cassette adapters please). It should also mount really nicely on the dash or 
somewhere convenient so that I, or a passenger, can read the display, change 
settings, etc.

Does anyone have anything like this? What is your experience with your iPod? 
How have you hooked yours up? I'm willing and able to do some light 
fabrication and soldering, so it doesn't have to be dummy proof (well, that 
might help :). Just looking for some BTDT from the list.


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