[A4] A4 Rear Parcel Shelf Speaker Grille

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The problem is that the grilles are not removable.  To get to the speakers,
you need to remove the entire shelf. If you want to make the grilles
removable, you have to remove the metal clips on the end of them which will
then allow the grilles to be pulled while the parcel shelf is installed.  To
remove the rear deck, there are 3 screws.  2 are under the round plastic
covers, the third is under the child seat safety latch.  You need to use a
screwdriver to pry the plastic cover off to expose the bolt. Also Once the
bolts are removed you simply pull up and out.   

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I trashed one of my rear speakers (Parcel Shelf) in my 98 A4 1.8TQ, and
attempted to remove the grille covering the speaker. I guess due to age and
direct sunlight, the plastic became brittle and broke into several pieces
when i attempted to remove it.

Any know where/if I can get replacements ?

Thanks in advance


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