[A4] snow tires, yet again

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Fri Jun 17 02:03:05 EDT 2005

	thanks for the info!  i actually DID have a problem on the snow
thins year - with quattro AND narrow studded hakka 1s.  i took a back
route home during the new years storms in tahoe, from safeway.  the
roads were gridlocked, so the back way seemed good.

	well as i headed up a road, a 4 runner came around the corner and
slid into my lane.  and then kept sliding, right at me.  slow motion.  i
should have known the route was too treacherous.  all i could do was throw
it into reverse and back down the gentle incline, no visibility due to
a foggy window, and managed to go far enough for the 4 runner to miss me.

	i rounded the corner and saw cars stranded on a brief but steep
incline.  it was a subaru.  i tooted, eventually he moved and plowed into
a snowbank.  i went to go up the hill and got stuck.  much time elapsed
with people helping, but trying to go up i got more and more sideways.
then i began to slide, sideways, toward the subaru.  i rocked it in
and out of reverse and first and managed to spin the car around ALMOST
enough but not quite.  my front end bumped the subaru.  expecting the
worst, i emerged to find that the cheap soft plastic hub cap on my steel
rims was pretty much the only point of contact.  whew.

	i think my problems stem in general from driving a stickshift
chipped 1.8t.  gee, maybe i should have been working 2nd gear instead of
1st, duh.

At 10:05 AM -0600 6/15/05, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>Hey Rocky-
>Sorry no experience with the Pirelli , but- the RSi is a hardcore 
>snow/ice tire according to Gary Bergman, owner of a tire warehouse 
>heavily involved (including development) with Nokian.  Gary also 
>owns an '83 urq BTW,  Anyway if you plan on doing a lot of dry 
>driving too, I'd recommend the Nokian WR. Sorry no experience since 
>late 1980's with Pirelli snows.  I have the Nokian WR on my A4 and 
>they were great this past winter.  Frankly they were not quite as 
>good in the snow as the Yoko Guardex 600 - but combined with quattro 
>there were of course no issues.  Here in Denver I actually drive in 
>the dry 90% of the time (even in winter) and the dry handling is 
>vastly improved - as is highway handling of course.  That's why I 
>went with WR vs RSi.
>'98 A4
>'84 urq 20V
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>>so, i'm a nokian fan.  i've got studded hakka 1s on steel rims,
>>nice and narrow.  at the end of winter some lady took out the front
>>end of my car, damaging the stock URQ rim.  i've told the insurance
>>company that they're no longer produced, so i need a new set of rims
>>as well as tires.  i've picked out the rims on tire rack and now i
>>need to choose a studless winter tire.  my URQ rims had hakka Qs on
>>even though i live in san francisco, i head to tahoe enough in
>>the winter that i tend to run my studless snows all winter long, and
>>occasionally put the studs on the challenge 80 in the sierras during
>>heavy winter storms.  i've been happy with the nokians, big time, but
>>it's far less complicated to get snow tires from tire rack, with the
>>rims, mounted, and with a road hazard plan.
>>how do y'all feel about the pirelli winter 210 and 240 tires?
>>they also have the pirelli winter carving and the blizzak.  how do they
>>stack up?  especially when compared to nokians.  the hakka q is still
>>barely available, though i am looking at the RSI as my choice for medium
>>winter rubber shoes.
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