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Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Fri Jun 24 16:36:36 EDT 2005

quick follow up 
installed Ignition Control Module last night - takes about 2 minutes - the car is running perfect again.

Thanks to Pbadore for pointing me towards the ICM vs what I was thinking - (the coil packs).  And I must say the Pro-Diag from Shadetree was very helpful too.

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  Ahh good advice Pbadore.  I used my Pro-Diag and it said the ECU was storing 2 codes - both a misfire, one of which was random.  Cylinder #2.  So I first saved my codes then cleared the ECU.  So I swapped the #2 coil pack for the #1 and restarted the car - still rough of course.  I let it run for a few minutes and then re-pulled the codes.  Still Misfire Cyl #2 - I'm thinking bingo ICM..  If the coil pack was bad misfire would transefer to #1. Thanks for pointing me in that direction Pbadore.  I've got the part (ICM retail price from local parts house was $250 but I put it on a friends commerical account - $110) and will install tonight.  VW dealer 2 minutes away did have the coil pack on hand for $84, but would match the $76 charged by a local Audi dealer - who had none in stock and was 1/2 hour in wrong direction from my way home...

  Thanks again- will post a quick update tomorrow

  '98 A4 1.8Tq
  '84 urq 20V

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    The 058 905 105 part number for an AEB coilpack is still current and is the same number for both Audi and VW. Also, I bet that your problem is a misfire and is probably the ignition control module located on top of the air filter box. The AEB coil pack is very reliable (later model coil packs with the integrated final control have been a $250 million warranty disaster for Audi and VW) the AEB ignition control module is not reliable. If you need an ignition control module but a Huco aftermarket unit on line for less than $100.00 versus the dealership supplied Bosch module for $400.00 plus. I have changed two in my AEB engine cars in the last six months. 

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