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	On 3/10/04 I had a boat load of work done on my car, by my trusty
independent mechanic, to rid the front end of its 'clunking' and to get the
A/C working. $1740.57 later I had a re-sealed upper and lower intake
manifold and injectors, and replaced all upper links and all lower control
arms, and replaced a bunch of little hoses that were cracked. Plus an
evaporator in a box cause I didn't have another $500 to get it installed..
When I got the Recall notice I snail mailed it to them with a copy of the
invoice and let them figure out how much they owed me. I got a call from AoA
a few weeks later which led to them needing MORE information about the
vehicle and proof of 60K maintenance and a part number for the Lower Control
Arm Kit. My mechanic said that most people don't even know about the control
arm KITS and usually buy the part independently, $$$. They don't make the
kit anymore and we managed to find the part number for it and I actually got
a copy of the 60k Maintenance Service Order from the dealer that serviced
the care back when it was owned by the previous owner. I faxed all this info
back to AoA and circled the $555.00 price tag on the Lower Control Arm kit.
I was waiting to get another call disputing the dollar amount but I was very
happy to see the check for close to what the it cost.
	The Recall does not reimburse you if you did the work yourself. Nor
does it cover labor by independent mechanics. Didn't complain about the
labor cause my mechanic's labor charge is almost half of what they charge at
the $tealership.

Hope this Helps,
'96 Audi A4 2.8 FronTrac (V6-12v)

FYI - Lower Control Arm Kit PN is 3B0-498-798A, price was $555.00
	A little googling on this PN shows that it also fits VW Passats..

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Anymore info on HOW you got reimbursed?
I sent AOA a letter....haven't heard back since..

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Just an FYI - I just received my $527.36 reimbursement for the Recall
Reimbursement - 3F03 for the Front Lower Control Arms.

Now to sink that right back in to her to get the A/C working..

'96 Audi A4 2.8 FronTrac (V6-12v)

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