[A4] Disc Brake Piston Tool

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Sun Mar 6 22:24:55 EST 2005

I agree.  The correct tool makes the job painless.  Interestingly enough, 
the Peugeot 405 Mi16 uses the same type of rear caliper as Volkswagen/Audi 
cars.  So when I did the rear brakes on my A4 1.8T Quattro, I used the 
Peugeot factory tool that I own.  Works like a champ.

At 19:22 2005-03-06, docwyte at comcast.net wrote:
>You can buy the Audi/VW specific caliper piston retracting tool for 
>something like $30-40 from www.parts4vws.com.  Well worth the cost as it 
>makes pad swaps incredibly easy, no more messing around with a screwdriver 
>and a c-clamp.
>The job takes no more than a few hours at a very leisurely pace and you 
>just need basic hand tools...
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> > I definitely fall under the "once every few years" category :)
> >
> > But there is no sense paying the stealership $950 to replace my brake 
> pads!!
> > (that is what they quoted me, and yes it's for pads only!) I've changed
> > disc brake pads myself on other cars before, just never on an Audi.
> >
> > Thanks for all the advice,
> > Dave
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