[A4] Disc Brake Piston Tool

Charles Nguyen ctn at umn.edu
Sun Mar 6 22:52:43 EST 2005


Heh, I love a challenge.


Back to the Lisle 25000 that I bought. I froogle'd for it and am down to
$56.15. Best part is that it has 5 adapters (with that is double sided). So
this is basically a beefed-up version of the cheap cube. So you can rent
this out to your friends and recoup the cost :). 

I remember when I was shopping around town for this. I wanted to see it
before I ordered one. All the guys at the local stores told me to use the
little cube (since nobody carried it). I said that I wanted to see this and
there had to be a better way then the cube. When they finally got one and
brought it out of the warehouse, a bunch of the guys came over to see what
it was and why it was worth $100. After pulling it out of the box and
looking at it, they all agreed that it was definitely worth it. 

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You can buy the Audi/VW specific caliper piston retracting tool for
something like $30-40 from www.parts4vws.com.  Well worth the cost as it
makes pad swaps incredibly easy, no more messing around with a screwdriver
and a c-clamp.

The job takes no more than a few hours at a very leisurely pace and you just
need basic hand tools...

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