[A4] Service Action JE

Charles Nguyen ctn at umn.edu
Mon Mar 7 11:43:05 EST 2005

Can someone explain why they need documentation of the 60k, 90k, and 120k 
visits and why it has to be done at the dealership? I brought it in to have 
them look at it and my service rep immediately told me that I was not 
eligible since I did not have record of the 90 and 120k service done on 
record. I said that I had the control arms REPLACED at about 90k and 120k, 
so I shouldn't even need to have the records. I'm going to try the service 
manager next.

What gets done at the 60k that would allow them to exempt them from it? The 
letter only said that they recommend we continue maintaining the car 
according to schedule I thought.



At 10:38 AM 03/07/2005, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>How long did you wait?  I sent in my info about 6-8 weeks ago.  And when I 
>talked with the customer service person in the beginning, they were 
>looking for proof of the official 60K service done at the dealer.  Did you 
>have this?  When my warranty expired at 50k my visits became "as - needed"....
>'98 A4

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