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At 10:07 PM +0000 3/7/05, gsackerson at comcast.net wrote:
>   Which model Falken did you purchase? Interestingly, when I did a 
>google search on the brand, there were a number of outlets and also 
>a number of favorable ratings on the web site epinion.com (link 
>Falken is a brand I'm not familiar with, but then, a tire dealer 
>once told me some of the best brands are those that are less known, 
>because more money on the tire purchase goes towards the tire and 
>less towards advertising!
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>>  i too didn't like to stock pirelli (sport package) tires on my
>>  A4 - which BTW was smacked good and hard by a moron in a minivan just
>>  a week ago today. what a tool. anyway.
>>  my current rubber is falken, i really like them. they handle
>>  great, look fantastic and are quiet. i found them through research on
>>  tirerack.com but had a local place match the price and do the install
>>  so i could get the warranty.
>>  At 8:52 PM +0000 3/7/05, gsackerson at comcast.net wrote:
>>  >Hi folks,
>>  > I'm beginning to research my next purchase of summer tires for my
>>  >2002 Audi A4 Quattro. The car came with Pirelli P6's, and I must
>>  >confess I wasn't wild about those tires. I have winter tires I'll
>>  >continue to use, so I'm not looking for an all-season tire. The ride
>>  >characteristics I'd like to find are a balance of comfort and
>>  >performance. I've started looking at Tire Rack, but would welcome
>>  >feedback, either positive or negative, from those of you who may
>>  >have purchased a 16-inch tire with similar ride charasterics I'm
>>  >looking for. Thanks for your feedback!
>>  >
>>  >Cheers,
>>  >Glenn
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