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Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Tue Mar 22 13:55:25 EST 2005

Consider the non-sport cars come with 205/60-15 tires, and pre'01 sport comes with 205/55-16, I'd say 225 is not neccessary.  However if you ever intend to go to the track, taking ACNA or other driving school, or even just enjoy some sprited driving when no one's around, I'd highly recommend getting wider tires.

215 is probably ok, but they'll stretch a little over 7.5" side rims than 225 width, assuming you have the 17" RS4-style rims.  I had these on my ex-A4 as well.  That means less rim protection and visually a touch more wheel gap due to slightly shorter sidewall.

With regards to the model of tire you're getting, I actually have these RE040 on my S4 right now, in 225/45-17, and I gotta say I'm not a fan at all.  Granted I didn't drive on them when new as I bought the car used, they just don't have as much grip as other summers tires I've had, and definitely less confidence inspiring in most driving situation.  In fact pretty much everyone on the AW B5-S4 forum that got these as stock tires hates them.


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Subject: [A4] RE: Tire Size question

> I think the 225 was more for the weight of the car, rather than 
> the power of
> the engine.  The A4 quattro is a little porky compared to some 
> others in
> it's class, so it probably needs the added tire to handle all that 
> weightaround the corners.
> BTW, not sure if it matters, but the car has the APR chip, it how 
> has about
> 205hp/245lbft, so it's not so underpowered anymore (lots of fun in the
> Winter though).  :-)
> Thanks for the opinion.
> Mitchell
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> I wouldn't be too concerned about that change in size. Be better 
> in the
> wet, 225 sounds too big imo anyway for such a low powered car..... my
> 90q cant brake traction on 205 rubber, youll have no worries on 
> 215....
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