[A4] a4 evaporator same on auto climate as manual?

richard.j.andrews at verizon.net richard.j.andrews at verizon.net
Sun Mar 27 15:05:19 EST 2005

Hi all,

This is my first post so please bear with me.
I purchased a 98.5 A4 1.8t tip for a steal (under 2k).
It does have some issue that i have been ironing out.
The important one is the A/C evaporator is leaking, but everywhere
I look it appears I have to purchase the evap & housing since I have
the automatic climate control.
Does anyone know if this is indeed the case or are the evap's the same on 
manual climate control cars?

Any info would be appreciated, I just don't want to tear the dash apart and 
wish i had dished the extra $$ for the housing.


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