[A4] cloth interior?

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Tue May 31 12:10:11 EDT 2005

At 7:55 AM -0800 5/31/05, Brian White wrote:
>Why the American facination with leather?  Lots of high dollar and 
>high performance cars in Europe
>come with cloth.

	it's more durable and far more resistant to staining and
damage than cloth.  leather is really, really tough, yet can be
made to be supple and comfortable.  as far as fascination, i can
only speak for myself, not the vast others with whom i share a country.

>Check most European spec E34 BMW M5s and you'll see.  Cloth interior 
>isn't about cheapness.

	what's it about, then?

>In fact, I almost wish our A4 had cloth so I could have the sport seats.

	having had the sport seats in my A4, i'll easily pick sport
cloth over non-sport leather.

>Given the real choice though, I'd take leatherette in the A4.  Ours 
>still looks as new as the day
>it left the factory.  Can't say the same about leather.

	i believe that some people appreciate the way that leather ages
and develops a patina.  i certainly loved it in my ur-quattro.  also,
there's that wonderful smell!  i visited my uncle this weekend and took
a spin in his mid-80s porsche and you just can't beat that unique smell
of an older car, especially german, with a leather interior.

>My opinion is that the pleather you speak of, will wear better over 
>the years on the bolster than
>leather in the same spot.
>Nothing says nasty like worn leather in a car.

	guess we differ there!  i think over here, many feel that nothing
says nasty like cheap-o fake leather.

  Rocky Mullin 


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