[A4] cloth interior?

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Tue May 31 12:15:41 EDT 2005

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> 	i believe that some people appreciate the way that leather ages
> and develops a patina.  i certainly loved it in my ur-quattro.  also,
> there's that wonderful smell!  i visited my uncle this weekend and took
> a spin in his mid-80s porsche and you just can't beat that unique smell
> of an older car, especially german, with a leather interior.

I'm not sure that's a leather smell.  I mean yes, a 82 911 smells different than a 85 Ur-Quattro 
which smells different than an 88 M5 which smells different than a 89 405 Mi16.  They're all 
leather cars, yet smell completely different.  Different leather?  Could be.  But there are so many 
things inside cars that smell with age, I'm not sure it's leather...probably carpet glue or 
something.  haha..

> >My opinion is that the pleather you speak of, will wear better over 
> >the years on the bolster than
> >leather in the same spot.
> >
> >Nothing says nasty like worn leather in a car.
> 	guess we differ there!  i think over here, many feel that nothing
> says nasty like cheap-o fake leather.

Look at any tan interior Ferrari 308 and tell me that looks good?  Yuk.   In fact, tan interiors in 
leather generally wear poorly.  Looks terrible after 4-5 years...not to mention 20.   Black isn't 
too bad...but leather is fragile.  Scratches and the like.

BTW, I'm an American in Seattle.   I think people are just odd about cars here.  They must have 
leather and gold trim and automatic and blah blah blah to be cool.  Whatever.  <g>

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