[A4] cloth interior?

Dan DiBiase d_dibiase at yahoo.com
Tue May 31 12:54:27 EDT 2005

--- Rocky Mullin <caliban at sharon.net> wrote:
> At 7:55 AM -0800 5/31/05, Brian White wrote:
> >Why the American facination with leather?  Lots of high dollar and 
> >high performance cars in Europe
> >come with cloth.
> 	it's more durable and far more resistant to staining and
> damage than cloth.  leather is really, really tough, yet can be
> made to be supple and comfortable.  as far as fascination, i can
> only speak for myself, not the vast others with whom i share a country.
> >Check most European spec E34 BMW M5s and you'll see.  Cloth interior 
> >isn't about cheapness.
> 	what's it about, then?
> >In fact, I almost wish our A4 had cloth so I could have the sport
> seats.
> 	having had the sport seats in my A4, i'll easily pick sport
> cloth over non-sport leather.
> >Given the real choice though, I'd take leatherette in the A4.  Ours 
> >still looks as new as the day
> >it left the factory.  Can't say the same about leather.
> 	i believe that some people appreciate the way that leather ages
> and develops a patina.  i certainly loved it in my ur-quattro.  also,
> there's that wonderful smell!  i visited my uncle this weekend and took
> a spin in his mid-80s porsche and you just can't beat that unique smell
> of an older car, especially german, with a leather interior.
> >My opinion is that the pleather you speak of, will wear better over 
> >the years on the bolster than
> >leather in the same spot.
> >
> >Nothing says nasty like worn leather in a car.
> 	guess we differ there!  i think over here, many feel that nothing
> says nasty like cheap-o fake leather.

I'm with Rocky. I could not see paying $30+k and getting "leatherette"...
To me, that's vinyl, no matter what it's called.... I'm not anti-cloth,
just pro-leather. This is the first car I've owned with leather. I apply
conditioner every other week, so I don't expect it to dry out and crack.
And it is easier to clean than cloth, that's for sure. My interior is
ebony, so it should hold up well.

Dan D
'04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
Central NJ USA 

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