[A4] cloth interior?

Peter Kirby pkirby90 at yahoo.ca
Tue May 31 13:51:03 EDT 2005

Rocky Mullin wrote:
> At 7:55 AM -0800 5/31/05, Brian White wrote:
>> Check most European spec E34 BMW M5s and you'll see.  Cloth interior 
>> isn't about cheapness.
>     what's it about, then?

I'm the original poster and although no one has answered my question, it 
has been an interesting discussion.  My Audi 20V90 has original cloth 
(Recarro, I'm told) seats.  Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, very 
supportive, and no sliding around in the corners.  My previous 10V90 had 
leather seats that were hot in the summer, cold in the winter (seat 
heater didn't work) and were worn out on the left side bolsters.  The 
cloth in the 20V has lasted longer than the leather in the 10V.

>     having had the sport seats in my A4, i'll easily pick sport
> cloth over non-sport leather.

What year is/was your A4 with the cloth seats?  Most of the A4s I've 
seen so far have all had the sports package but with leatherette seats.



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