[A4] cloth interior?

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Tue May 31 14:24:23 EDT 2005

At 8:14 AM -0800 5/31/05, Brian White wrote:
>  >
>>	i believe that some people appreciate the way that leather ages
>>  and develops a patina.  i certainly loved it in my ur-quattro.  also,
>>  there's that wonderful smell!  i visited my uncle this weekend and took
>>  a spin in his mid-80s porsche and you just can't beat that unique smell
>>  of an older car, especially german, with a leather interior.
>I'm not sure that's a leather smell.  I mean yes, a 82 911 smells 
>different than a 85 Ur-Quattro
>which smells different than an 88 M5 which smells different than a 
>89 405 Mi16.  They're all
>leather cars, yet smell completely different.  Different leather? 
>Could be.  But there are so many
>things inside cars that smell with age, I'm not sure it's 
>leather...probably carpet glue or
>something.  haha..

	could be something else, but i can't disagree with you more about
the smells being different.  they aren't.  i still attribute this to
leather, too, as leather has a very particular and distinct smell.  certainly
when it ages in the heat of a car, that smell comes out.  i'll assume your
agreement on the durability/etc issues that i bring up, when compared to

>>  >My opinion is that the pleather you speak of, will wear better over
>>  >the years on the bolster than
>>  >leather in the same spot.
>>  >
>>  >Nothing says nasty like worn leather in a car.
>>	guess we differ there!  i think over here, many feel that nothing
>>  says nasty like cheap-o fake leather.
>Look at any tan interior Ferrari 308 and tell me that looks good? 
>Yuk.   In fact, tan interiors in
>leather generally wear poorly.  Looks terrible after 4-5 years...not 
>to mention 20.   Black isn't
>too bad...but leather is fragile.  Scratches and the like.

	the tans don't wear all that well, but still, it's an aesthetic.
yes, leather scratches, and that's the patina of which i speak.

>BTW, I'm an American in Seattle.   I think people are just odd about 
>cars here.  They must have
>leather and gold trim and automatic and blah blah blah to be cool. 
>Whatever.  <g>

	agreed!  there are some really weird car fetishes that make
no sense to me.  gold trim is a huge one, not to mention rims!  yuck.  :)

  Rocky Mullin 


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