[A4] cloth interior?

Stephen Lau steve at grommit.com
Tue May 31 14:25:02 EDT 2005

Peter Kirby wrote:

>>     having had the sport seats in my A4, i'll easily pick sport
>> cloth over non-sport leather.
> What year is/was your A4 with the cloth seats?  Most of the A4s I've 
> seen so far have all had the sports package but with leatherette seats.

While my 2001 A4 (B5 body style) came with leatherette, I know there was 
the option to get cloth seats, as well as sport seats (which were 
cloth).  I believe this option was dropped in 2002 when they switched to 
the new B6 body.

I know that still doesn't answer your question specifically (since I 
don't know about Canada models, and whether or not they differed) - but 
hopefully it's one more data point.


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