[A4] cloth interior?

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Tue May 31 14:38:49 EDT 2005

At 1:50 PM -0400 5/31/05, Peter Kirby wrote:
>Rocky Mullin wrote:
>>At 7:55 AM -0800 5/31/05, Brian White wrote:
>>>Check most European spec E34 BMW M5s and you'll see.  Cloth 
>>>interior isn't about cheapness.
>>     what's it about, then?
>I'm the original poster and although no one has answered my 
>question, it has been an interesting discussion.  My Audi 20V90 has 
>original cloth (Recarro, I'm told) seats.  Cool in the summer, warm 
>in the winter, very supportive, and no sliding around in the 
>corners.  My previous 10V90 had leather seats that were hot in the 
>summer, cold in the winter (seat heater didn't work) and were worn 
>out on the left side bolsters.  The cloth in the 20V has lasted 
>longer than the leather in the 10V.
>>     having had the sport seats in my A4, i'll easily pick sport
>>cloth over non-sport leather.
>What year is/was your A4 with the cloth seats?  Most of the A4s I've 
>seen so far have all had the sports package but with leatherette 

	'00.  i ordered the car with every available option except
the CD changer.  leather wasn't available, and i picked cloth over
the fake stuff as the fake stuff just screams cheap to me.  perhaps
cloth is better, given your examples.  i'd have to see how much i
slide around in A4 leather sport seats as i'm hooking up in turns
and stuff like i do in my car.

	i wouldn't have picked electric seats either, had they been
available.  too much weight!

  Rocky Mullin 


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