[A4] cloth interior?

Brian White brian at bjwhite.net
Tue May 31 15:53:29 EDT 2005

I'm actually very serious about it.  My friend has a 1986 5000CS Turbo Quattro that by the smell 
could be nothing other than a mid-80s Audi.  Same thing goes for my friend with his 94 BMW 540i.  
All older (mid to late 80s..early 90s..etc) BMWs smell the same.

Strangely, my 540i (1998 model) doesn't really have a smell.  My old 1989 405 Mi16 definately 
smelled like a Peugeot.  

Your nose must not be very sensitive. <g>

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> not to start a flame war, but i don't believe you could ;)
> At 11:30 AM -0800 5/31/05, Brian White wrote:
> >  >	could be something else, but i can't disagree with you more about
> >>  the smells being different.  they aren't.  i still attribute this to
> >>  leather, too, as leather has a very particular and distinct smell. 
> >
> >Interesting.  If you blindfolded me and had me smell an old Porsche, 
> >an old BMW, an old Audi and an
> >old Peugeot....I could tell the car marque just by the smell of the 
> >interior.  Strange you can't
> >tell them apart...but ok. <g>
> >
> >I have a couple of scratches on the back seat leather of my 540i6. 
> >I hardly call it patina. <g>

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